The Beaver Press

December 7, 2017


Have you ever wanted to set type the way Johannes Gutenberg and Benjamin Franklin did?  Print your own political pamphlets and broadsides?  Design greeting cards and announcements?  Now you can do these things and more at the Beaver Press Print Shop, MIT's own handset printing press. The Beaver Press Print Shop is located in 10-810, on the eighth floor of Barker Library.  It is equipped with a wooden letterpress that was designed and built in 21H.343/CC.120 “Making Books in the Renaissance and Today” in the Spring 2016 term.  The shop also has over 25 cases of metal type, ink, paper, and other equipment necessary to set and print texts and images.  Read a SHASS article about the print shop  here and see a video here.

Anne McCants, Professor of History and Director of Concourse; and Jeffrey Ravel, Professor and Head of the History Faculty, are the Co-Directors of the Beaver Press.  Ken Stone, MIT Class of 1972 and former Director of the MIT Hobby Shop, is our Technical Director.  The Press has received generous support from the Concourse First-Year Program, the History Faculty, and the MIT Libraries.

Come back soon for an online library of Beaver Press imprints designed and printed by students in 21H.343/CC.120 over the last several semesters.

Open Printing Hours at the Beaver Press: IAP and Spring 2018

During IAP 2018 and the Spring 2018 term, the Beaver Press will hold open printing hours for interested members of the MIT community.  Space is limited, so we ask that you sign up here.  We will confirm your printing appointment one day prior to the date.  On the day of your printing session, please bring a text of your choice to the shop to print.  The text should not be longer than 150 characters, including spaces.

Questions about the Press?  Contact: Jeffrey Ravel, E51-255C, 617 253-4451, RAVEL@MIT.EDU