Fall 2019 Special Subject: White Rage, Progress & Backlash in American History

August 26, 2019

21H.S01 Special Subject:

White Rage, Progress & Backlash in American History
Day/Time: Monday, 7-10pm
Room: 4-144
Instructor: Prof. Andrew Pope

The course examines how people struggled to achieve the full-promise of freedom throughout American history. The organizing theme of the course is the push and pull of progress and retrenchment, of revolutions and counter-revolutions, that have come to define American history. The course begins with enslaved people’s struggles for freedom and the white planters who sought to create a form of representative government to maintain the institution. From there, we proceed chronologically through American history to explore how people have come to define themselves as groups for the purposes of political representation, the strategies used to gain freedom, and the range of vehement responses that groups encountered. The course ends in the present, examining a resurgent white power movement following the nation's first African American president. While race has been an important element to every debate about progress or freedom in American history, most debates represented overlapping interests of race, gender, class, and even sexuality.