Pauline Maier (1938-2013) remembrances and tributes

August 19, 2013

John W. Dower

In the two-plus decades we did history side by side at MIT, no one—absolutely no one—surpassed Pauline in the passion she brought to research and teaching, the rigor of her professional evaluations, or the crackling exuberance of her laughter. She was one of a kind, and it seemed natural to take for granted that that enormous energy and commitment would be with us, at full speed, for untold years to come. The impact of losing Pauline goes beyond family, friends, and colleagues. It exends to the young students who now will never encounter her enthusiasm, the cut of her mind, and how she made America’s past come alive.

Harriet Ritvo

David Sehat

Erica Pino

Chris Beneke

Ray Raphael

Dean Deborah Fitzgerald, SHASS

Memorial Resolution presented at the MIT Faculty Meeting

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