Chengying Zuo

Visiting Scholar


B.A., Lanzhou University, 2013
M.A., Renmin University of China, 2016
Ph.D., Renmin University of China, in progress

Chengying Zuo is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the school of history, Renmin University of China. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the botanical explorations and plant knowledge by Americans in China from 1833 to 1949. Based on the theme of “knowledge, practices and ideas”, this project involves discovering how those plant-hunters collected plants in China. The research aims to examine the influence of plant-hunters on botany and natural idea of Modern China. The research can probe into the conflict and integration between West modern science and Chinese traditional knowledge since 19th century, which will further show more complex history, scientific significance and cultural function of Sino-West scientific exchange.