The Beaver Press

December 19, 2016

2017 IAP

Handset Printing at the Beaver Press Print Shop

Jeffrey Ravel, Professor and Head of History, Anne McCants, Professor of History and Director of Concourse

Jan/18Wed01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.
Jan/19Thu01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.
Jan/20Fri01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.
Jan/25Wed01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.
Jan/26Thu01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.
Jan/27Fri01:00PM-04:00PMBarker Library, Signup; link below.

Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
Attendance: Repeating event, participants welcome at any session
Prereq: None

Have you ever wanted to set type the way Johannes Gutenberg and Benjamin Franklin did?  Print your own political pamphlets and broadsides?  Design greeting cards and announcements?  Now you can do these things and more at The Beaver Press Print Shop, MIT's own handset printing press, located in Barker Library.  The press was built in 21H.343 during Spring 2016; learn more here and here.  We will be holding open printing hours during the last two weeks of IAP.  Space is limited, so please sign up here.

Sponsor(s): Concourse, History
Contact: Jeffrey Ravel, E51-255C, 617 253-4451, RAVEL@MIT.EDU