IAP in Ancient & Medieval Italy

December 5, 2017

Rome, Naples, Pompeii -- these are the prime destinations of "IAP in Ancient and Medieval" about to launch into its tenth season on January 13 (through Jan. 21), 2018.  Under the sponsorship of MIT's History Faculty and Concourse program, a full complement of twenty MIT undergrads will head for the brilliant monuments and stupendous museums that capture public, domestic, and ecclesiastical life in Rome and across the Bay of Naples over a range of two millennia.  Visits in Rome will include the ancient center of Western Christendom at St. Peter's Basilica, and the adjacent Vatican Museums; the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill,  Colosseum, and Altar of Augustan Peace; a number of early Christian churches with their gleaming mosaic interiors, including the stunning Basilica of Saint Clement.  In Naples and its environs,  we discover the unique National Archaeological Museum, and the two chief towns buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., Herculaneum and Pompeii (where newly restored and once again accessible Roman luxury houses are a prime goal).  Students will be accompanied by Profs. Will Broadhead, Eric Goldberg, and Steve Ostrow (of the History Faculty), and Prof. Linda Rabieh (of Concourse). 

For over a decade, IAP-Italy has proven to be a popular way for MIT students to prospect exotic ancient territories , in congenial companionship with one another and with present-day Romans and Neapolitans -- experts at living a Mediterranean life that offers bountiful attractions and curiosities of all kinds, from artistic to culinary to political.

Since January of 2015 IAP-Italy has come to alternate with a companion IAP program in Ancient Greece, which we expect to conduct again for a third season in January 2019.  Interested students may check with the History and Concourse programs for further details.