Alexander Forte

Lecturer in Ancient and Medieval Studies

Alexander Forte is a Classicist whose research lies at the intersection of intellectual history, linguistics, and literary criticism. Some topics of his published and forthcoming scholarship include: Greco-Ugaritic comparison and historical contact between early “literary” traditions, epistemological vagaries of idiom in antiquity, Pre-Socratic philosophy’s debt to earlier poetic traditions and its relationship to Indic and Iranian thoughts,  methods of comparative Indo-European poetics, conceptualizations of repetition in Homeric poetry, and the relationship between neurophenomenological and cognitive linguistic approaches to emotion in ancient texts. He is currently completing a book on metaphor in Homer.

A larger methodological thread running throughout his work concerns the ways in which philology, as a recursive discipline of language, can be productively integrated with aspects of American pragmatism, phenomenology, cognitive and historical linguistics, and psychology. A part of this project studies how embodied metaphors structure ancient texts, and how we use these same metaphors to construct and mediate modern realities, scholarly and other.

He is currently a lecturer for the Interdisciplinary Program in Ancient and Medieval Studies. This Interdisciplinary program is supported by faculty from Architecture, History, Literature, Music, and Philosophy.

Subjects Offered

Offered Spring 2023

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category
21H.007 21L.014

Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies

MW 9:30-11, 1-246
Alexander Forte
Arthur Bahr
Introductory HASS-H CI-H

Ancient Empires: Persians and Greeks in Antiquity

TR 11:30-1, 24-115
Alexander Forte Seminar HASS-H

Not Offered This Term

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The Ancient World: Greece

Alexander Forte Introductory HASS-H CI-H