Subject Offerings

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category

The History of Now

M 4-5; 56-180
Christopher Capozzola

21H.007 21L.014

Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies

MW 9:30-11, 1-246
Alexander Forte
Arthur Bahr
Introductory HASS-H CI-H

American History since 1865

TR 2:30-4, 56-162
Caley Horan
Introductory HASS-H CI-H
21H.106 24.912 21L.008 21W.741 CMS.150 WGS.190

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies

T 2-5, E15-335
Michel DeGraff
Fox Harrell
Danielle Wood
Introductory HASS-H
21H.109 U WGS.303 U 21H.983 G WGS.310 G

Gender: Historical Perspectives

W 2-5, 4-144
Elizabeth A. Wood Introductory

The Ancient World: Rome

Lecture: MW 12-1, 4-159
Recitation 1: R 12-1, 4-159
Recitation 2: F 1-2, 56-167
William Broadhead Introductory HASS-H CI-H
21H.134 14.70

Medieval Economic History in Comparative Perspective

T EVE 7-10, 16-160
Anne E. C. McCants Introductory HASS-S CI-H
21H.143 21G.056

The “Making” of Modern Europe: 1789 – Present

TR 10:30-12, 14N-221
Alexandra Steinlight Introductory HASS-H

The Modern Middle East

Lecture: MW 12-1, 66-168
Recitation 1: R 1-2, 4-146
Recitation 2: R 2-3, 4-146
Pouya Alimagham Introductory HASS-H CI-H
21H.170 17.55 21A.130 21G.084

Introduction to Latin American Studies

MW 11-12:30, 1-375
Tanalís Padilla Introductory HASS-S CI-H

US Environmental Governance: from National Parks to the Green New Deal

TR 11-12:30, 56-169
Megan A. Black Introductory HASS-H
21H.245 21G.086 17.57

Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present

TR 1-2:30, 66-154
Elizabeth A. Wood Intermediate HASS-S CI-H
21H.263 WGS.220

Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa

F 10-1, 2-103
Lerna Ekmekcioglu Seminar HASS-H
21H.270 21A.131

Latinx in the Age of Empire

MW 2:30-4, 56-180
Tanalís Padilla
Héctor Beltrán
Intermediate HASS-H

The Indigenous History of MIT

Lecture: M 12-2, 2-103
Recitation: W 12-1, 2-103
Craig Steven Wilder
Intermediate HASS-H

Ancient Empires: Persians and Greeks in Antiquity

TR 11:30-1, 24-115
Alexander Forte Seminar HASS-H

The Making of a Roman Emperor

TR 2:30-4, 56-180
William Broadhead Seminar HASS-H
21H.343 CC.120

Making Books in the Renaissance and Today

TR 1-2:30, 14N-112
Erica Zimmer Seminar HASS-A

World War II in Asia

T 10-1, 5-231
Hiromu Nagahara Seminar HASS-H
21H.358 U 21H.958 G

Colonialism in South Asia and Africa: Race, Gender, Resistance

T 10-12, E51-390
Sana Aiyar Graduate
21H.986 G

Money, Credit, and Financial Crisis, 1850-2020 (NEW)

R 1-4, E51-393
Malick W. Ghachem Graduate
21H.989 G

Histories of Extraction and Mining

W 10-1, E51-390
Megan A. Black Graduate

Special Subject: History of Capitalism

W 2-5, 5-231
Caley Horan
Jason Jackson
Intermediate HASS-H

Special Subject: Urban History in Africa

F 10-1, E51-285
Kenda Mutongi

Special Subject: Encoding Culture

MW 2:30-4, 1-277
Ryaan Ahmed HASS-H