Seminar on Environmental and Agricultural History

This seminar series is sponsored by MIT's History Faculty and Program in Science, Technology,and Society. For more information, contact

Sessions are held from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at MIT in E51-095.

2018-2019 Schedule

September 14, 2018

"Partly Green: The Past and Future of Sustainable Business"
Adam Rome,  University at Buffalo, SUNY


October 5, 2018

"The Optimism of the Dismal Science: Growth, Economics, and The Natural World in the American Century"
Chris Jones, Arizona State University


October 19, 2018

“Where Ideology and Ecology Meet: Telling Russian and American Environmental History at the Bering Strait, 1840-1980”
Bathsheba Demuth, Brown University


November 16, 2018

“The Entangled Histories of the US and Mexican Countryside”
Tore Olsson, University of Tennessee


December 7, 2018

“Markets of Pain: Poppy Politics and the Global Origins of the American Opioid Crisis"
Benjamin Siegel, Boston University


February 8, 2019

 “Insects, Entomologists, and Parasites on the Move: The Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Biological Pest Control, and the Global Dimensions of Agricultural Governance in Early Twentieth-Century Hawai'i”
Jessica Wang, University of British Columbia


February 22, 2019

 “Black Fertile Earth: A Political Ecology of Suckiaug/Hartford”
Thomas Wickman, Trinity College


April 5, 2019

"Automotive Empire: Roads and Motor Vehicles in the Making of Interwar Africa"
Andrew Denning, University of Kansas