Statement on Diversity

MIT History Faculty Statement on Student Well-Being, Diversity, and Inclusion

The mental and physical well-being of our students is an essential pre-requisite to the well-rounded education they receive in the classrooms, labs and living spaces of the Institute. We therefore endorse a call for individual and community well-being in the context of the holistic educational mission that we seek to advance in our undergraduate and graduate subjects and in all our interactions with MIT students.

The MIT History Faculty is dedicated to diversity and inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff with regard to their backgrounds and opinions. We applaud MIT’s nearly-met 2004 goal of doubling the percentage of underrepresented minority faculty over ten years and we vigorously endorse the as-yet-unmet 2004 aim of tripling the percentage of underrepresented minority MIT graduate students over the same period.  We will work with our colleagues in the Anthropology Section and the Program in Science, Technology and Society to increase the number of under-represented minority students in the HASTS Ph.D. Program.

For more on well-being, diversity, and inclusion at MIT see the home page of the Institute Community and Equity Office (ICEO).