Hiromu Nagahara

Assistant Professor of History
Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Professor
B.A. Gordon College, 2003
Ph.D. Harvard University, 2011
Photo of Hiromu Nagahara

Hiromu Nagahara studies the history of modern Japan. His research interests include the history of media, popular culture, and censorship in the twentieth century. His dissertation, "Unpopular Music: The Politics of Mass Culture in Modern Japan," sheds light on the ongoing public controversies surrounding the popular songs that were produced by Japan's music industry since the late 1920s. These debates, stretching from the late 1920s to the end of 1950s, coincided with emergence of a mass-consumer, middle-class society. Within this context, popular song critique constituted an attempt to shape the very nature of the newly emerging social and cultural order. Professor Nagahara received his PhD (2011) in History from Harvard University.