2022 History Undergraduate Writing Prize Winners Announced

The History Faculty is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 History Undergraduate Writing Prizes, honoring excellence in historical research and writing. The three awards, of $300 each, honor MIT historians John W. Dower, Pauline Maier, and Bruce Mazlish.

This year’s recipients are:

Tobit Glenhaber ‘23
Title: Gold, Trusts, and Imperialism: The Populist’s Evolution of Thought on Intervention and Imperialism, 1896-1900
Course: 21H.213 – The War at Home: American Politics and Society in Wartime

Jacob Shapiro ‘23
Title: Religion, Step Aside!
Class: 21H.141 – Renaissance to Revolution: Europe 1300-1800

Felicia Xiao ‘25
Title: Home, Home, Home: Empire, Displacement, and Belonging for Japanese War Orphans Left Behind in China
Class: 21H.354 – World War II in Asia