Making Books in the Renaissance and Today

TR 3-4:30; 14N-112

Explores the impact of new technology on the recording and distribution of words and images in Europe from 1400-1800. Assignments include essays and online projects. Students participate in the design and printing of an eight-page pamphlet on a hand-set printing press. Limited to 12.

Related Subjects

Offered Fall 2024

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category
21H.143 21G.056

The “Making” of Modern Europe: 1789 – Present

MW 11-12:30, 56-191
Introductory HASS-H
21H.245 21G.086 17.57

Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present

Lecture: TR 1-2; 4-253
Recitation 1: F 1-2; Room TBD
Recitation 2: F 1-2; Room TBD
Elizabeth A. Wood Intermediate HASS-S CI-H

Special Subject: The Dutch in the World, 1600-1950: From Small Republic to Empire (and Back!)

R 1-4, E51-385
Marjoleine Kars
Anne E. C. McCants

Not Offered This Term