Minorities and Majorities in the Middle East

Seminar considers “difference” and “sameness” as they have been conceived, experienced, and regulated by peoples of the Middle East, with a focus on the 19th and 20th centuries. First half discusses the Ottoman Empire. Explores how this multiethnic, polyglot empire survived for several relatively peaceful centuries and what happened when its formula for existence was challenged by politics based on mono-ethnic states. Second half focuses on post-Ottoman nation-states, such as Turkey and Egypt, and Western-mandated Arab states, such as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq. Concludes with a case analysis of Israel.

Related Subjects

Offered Fall 2023

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category

Islam, the Middle East, and the West

TR 1-2:30, 1-273
Pouya Alimagham Introductory HASS-H

Modern Iran: A Century of Revolution

MW 11:30-1, 66-154
Pouya Alimagham Intermediate HASS-H

Atlantic Slave Revolts

MW 11-12:30, E51-285
Marjoleine Kars Intermediate HASS-H

South Asia and the Institute

R 11-1, E51-285
Sana Aiyar Intermediate HASS-H
21H.381 WGS.222

Women and War

F 10-1, 2-103
Lerna Ekmekcioglu Seminar HASS-S

Not Offered This Term

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category
21H.106 24.912 21L.008 21W.741 CMS.150 WGS.190

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies

Michel DeGraff
Fox Harrell
Danielle Wood
Introductory HASS-H

The Modern Middle East

Pouya Alimagham Introductory HASS-H CI-H

The Black Radical Tradition in America

Not offered regularly; consult department
Craig Steven Wilder Intermediate HASS-H

Cities in the Middle East: History, Politics and Society

Staff Intermediate HASS-S

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Not offered regularly; consult department
Intermediate HASS-H
21H.263 WGS.220

Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa

Lerna Ekmekcioglu Seminar HASS-H

Humanitarianism in Africa: A Critical History

Kenda Mutongi Intermediate HASS-H

South Africa and Apartheid

Kenda Mutongi Intermediate HASS-H

MIT and Slavery: Research

Not Offered Regularly; Consult Department
Craig Steven Wilder Intermediate HASS-H CI-H

MIT and Slavery: Publication

Not offered regularly; consult department
Craig Steven Wilder Intermediate HASS-H

The Indigenous History of MIT

Staff Intermediate HASS-H

History Near and Dear: Writing Yourself into History

Marjoleine Kars Intermediate HASS-H CI-H
21H.358 U 21H.958 G

Colonialism in South Asia and Africa: Race, Gender, Resistance

Sana Aiyar Graduate
21H.385 11.152

The Ghetto: From Venice to Harlem

Not offered regularly; consult department
Craig Steven Wilder Seminar HASS-S