Modern China

Discusses China’s emergence as a global power, which has arisen out of two centuries of significant change. Explores those transformations from 1800 to the present by examining the advent of foreign imperialism in the nineteenth century, the collapse of the last imperial dynasty in 1911, China’s debilitating war against Japan, the communist revolution, and the tumultuous history of the People’s Republic of China from 1949. Addresses the historical transformations that have shaped contemporary Chinese politics, ethnicity, gender, environment, economics, and international relations.

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Offered Fall 2021

Catalog Subject Faculty Level HASS Category

Pre-Modern China

MW 3:30-5, 56-180
Tristan Brown Introductory HASS-H

Modern Japan: 1600 to Present

TR 11-12:30, 2-103
Hiromu Nagahara Introductory HASS-H

Not Offered This Term