Nature and Environment in China

T 2-5; E51-361

Focuses on the late imperial period with forays into the modern area. Explores how Chinese states and people related to and shaped their environments, which, in turn, shaped China. Considers the degree to which China’s long environmental history has integrated with global trends and ponders the historical experiences and precedents we bring to today’s environmental challenges. Explores the diverse ways in which scholars study China’s environmental history and conceptions of nature, including the use of digital humanities tools for visualizing data and analyzing geography.

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21H.107 21G.043

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Emma Teng
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Looking East/Looking West (NEW)

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Hiromu Nagahara
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The Global Chinese: Chinese Migration, 1567- Present

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Business in China Since 1800

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21H.380 U 21A.411 U 21H.980 G 21A.419 G

People and Other Animals

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Staff Graduate

Seminar in Nature, Environment, and Empire

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21H.989 G

Histories of Extraction and Mining

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21H.990 STS.432

Narrating the Anthropocene: Understanding a Multi-Species Universe (NEW)

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Megan A. Black
Kate Brown